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Akshay Jasoriya

SNAP 99.70 percentile

I am a working professional having 2.5yrs of Work Exp from a reputed MNC .I joined EQL to fulfill my MBA goal.This association with EQL has been fruitful as I was able to score 99.70 %tile in SNAP,cleared TISS Urban Policy course and also converted GLIM PGPM course. Nayan Sir's unmatched ability to bring the best out of every student ,his energy and spontaneity backed by modern tools and techniques enabled me to transform my dream into reality.The GD/PI sessions were extremely helpful.

Sreeni Director, Career Launcher

Mohit khandelwal

CET 99.6 percentile, SNAP 99.2 percentile

I was looking for a class that gets me into a top B-School and my search came to an end with EQL. The thing I liked about EQL is its micro-batch concept, paying individual attention to every single student and 24*7 help which helped me to absorb the learnings in the best possible way. Nayan sir is a one stop solution to every problem I would say. His in-depth knowledge and ways to approach a problem are unique in itself.I Thank Nayan sir and EQL classes for my achievements.

Sreeni Director, Career Launcher

Ankita kondawar

Sydenham Mumbai

EQL has played an important part for my career build up.It helped me to take command on my skills and apply appropriate knowledge to achieve my goals.

he learning process included know how of every single aspect of logic, quants and english which not only made me learn it more but also helped me change my approach towards the questions.

The short cuts provided during exams, the immense practice, GD practice everything was challenging and rewarding.

It made me ready for competitive exams .Thank you EQL for the awesome guidance!!

Sreeni Director, Career Launcher

Abhishek dubey

CET 99.93, CMAT 99.8

My journey with EQL started almost an year ago. I had wasted more than 2 months and a huge amount in one of the most reputed MBA class in Pune. A place where every lecture gave us a new faculty face. No defined method of teaching and the only objective being completing the portion in a stipulated time. Owing to this, the cynical me started looking out for some other coaching institutes. It was then when i met Nayan sir.One year down the line.. and calling him Nayan "SIR" seems awkward. This is because we call him JARVIS.. and trust me when i say this.. he is no less than a HULK... A Hulk of English,Quants and Logic. Never have i met a person with such staunch concepts. He is like a one man army. But that isn't just what his students love about him. The way he imparts is the best. You maybe the dumbest student out there.. but sit in class.. and you will feel confident enough to crack even IIM-A. As a matter of fact,he makes even the most boring of topics like Algebra and Functions so interesting.. that somehow you start falling in love with them. His teaching is such that he does not impart... instead he injects... he makes it a part of your system... What I love about him is his doubt solving... its hard to believe when I say this.. but there had been times when I had called him at 1'o clock midnight and he had solved questions from Arun Sharma on call for me. He was a pillar of support whenever I needed him.. always having my back... he was the one who never gave up on me.. even after my multiple failures... motivating me everytime to get up and fight... we all have had 100s of teachers.. but he is one of those who have turned out to become a friend for life. All i will say is if you are ever looking for MBA entrance training... EQL is the place for you.. and if you are still speculative about it.. attend a demo class.. and there wont be any going back.

Sreeni Director, Career Launcher

Kaushik Gogoi

IIM Ranchi

After trying different classes, I finally found EQL classes to be a one stop class for me.

Each and every topic is covered in an unique way with in-depth analysis.The class notes and handouts are ample and adequate for all exams.Weak areas are identified and given strong focus.

Verbal which was initially my Achilles heel turned out to be the highest scoring area for me.Moreover,Nayan sir is an encyclopedia of all MBA entrance exams in the country.

Rest assured EQL classes has helped and equipped me to get my dream calls and convert them.

Sreeni Director, Career Launcher

Prathamesh Kurhekar

XAT 99.8, CMAT 99.9, CET 99.8, NMAT 220

Of everything that has contributed to my success in MBA entrance examinations, EQL coaching classes take the lion's share. With individual attention to an aspirant's needs, use of technology, ability to retain a student's attention while teaching and with Nayan Sir - arguably, the best faculty and in Pune, EQL Classes have been instrumental in bringing out the best in me and everyone else I know who attended. If one wants to achieve success in MBA entrance examinations, joining EQL classes is the best thing to do to boost one's preparation.

Sreeni Director, Career Launcher

Varun Verma


I got admission in my dream college MICA all thanks to Nayan Sir, a one man army who hosts EQL classes. With his smart and innovative teaching methods, I was able to crack MICAT and get a call from the college.

Nayan sir's deep understanding about rigorous group exercise and interview process at MICA helped me prepare for it in a comprehensive manner.

He takes personal interest in each and every student's performance.

I believe such faculty can transform the preparation of any aspirant as it transformed mine.

Sreeni Director, Career Launcher

Jaspartap Singh

SIBM P convert, NMIMS MUMBAI convert

I was referred to EQL classes by a friend for GD/PI/WAT preparation,In just 8-10 classes I was well prepared to tackle the GD/PI/WAT of my calls. The personal attention,personalized feedback for every session, and all the help with the SOPs and Questionnaires was immensely helpful.The mock Interviews gave a flavor of what to expect in the Interview room,I was able to convert both of my calls,NMIMS(Merit Rank-74) and SIBM Pune .I am highly grateful to Nayan Sir for all the help and guidance and would highly recommend it to all the students for this phase of admissions.

Sreeni Director, Career Launcher

Pragati Agarwal


Mba was my passion but being true, quant was a nightmare for me. Quant was one of the areas where I always used to score low when I used to take mock tests on my own. Finally I decided to take up classes for dragging myself out of this so called QUANTOPHOBIA and I joined EQL classes. To this day, I feel that it was one of the best decisions taken by me. It was the confidence of Nayan Sir, that helped me come out of my phobia as he garnered and nurtured my skills with his smart techniques of teaching quant. It is the best coaching centre if you want to excel E(english) Q(quants) L(logic) classes, best in class, simple techniques, abundant practice, immense dedication and there you are adding one more feather to your cap. Thanks to EQL Classes and Nayan Sir. 

Sreeni Director, Career Launcher

Swapnil Parmar


If you have to do it the conventional way, better not do it!" You have to know Nayan sir to know what I am talking of. You need to attend EQL classes to be able to differentiate between conventional and un-conventional. The key to crack any MBA entrance exam is to have a perfect blend of Faculty and study material which you will get at EQL. EQL is only class which I found to have best faculty who can train you in all the aspects of an entrance exam viz. English , Quants and Logic. I have joined EQL with a dream and finally I got what I want. Thanks EQL and Nayan sir for your continuous motivation and unconditional support.Thanks A Lot!!

Sreeni Director, Career Launcher

Jatin Kajani


EQL classes have been of a great help to me.

The best part about EQL classes is the passionate training sessions which are always high on energy, there innovative training methodologies and out of box short cut techniques, which helped me in improving my confidence and made my life really easy in almost all the MBA entrance exams.

Sreeni Director, Career Launcher

Neha pande

EQL student

I wouldn't settle on something less than best when it came to learning english,quants and logic.

Textbooks can serve you with basics but there isn't any substitute for a teacher who can go out of the way to make you explore the bounds of proper English , quants and reasoning.

If you are searching for 24x7 assistance from a friendly faculty,then eql is the right place.

Sreeni Director, Career Launcher

Yash bedekar

EQL student

Probably the only class in Pune which provides so many hours of classroom teaching. I was weak in Verbal Section but the engineering approach to solve RCs, parajumbles helped me a lot to score in Verbal section, that too with great speed and accuracy! Standardized material, standardized teaching methodology!! Another peculiar thing about EQL is that Nayan sir provides sound analysis of each exam like CAT, XAT, NMAT, SNAP, CET and helps in building our strategy! Because each exam needs different strategy and different approach! Undoubtedly, the best classes in Pune! Thanks Nayan sir! :)

Sreeni Director, Career Launcher

Ashwini Meli

EQL student

With EQL you are not just signing up for classes but devoting yourself to the planned process that Nayan Sir has designed.

Strategic teaching is the USP here .What makes EQL different is the number of background tasks given and followed up by Nayan Sir himself.

He knows the progress of each and every person in the class . I bet you cannot get such individual attention in any other tutorials.

I can vouch for EQL with great classroom teaching, Conceptual clarity, Revision and proper assessment.

Sreeni Director, Career Launcher

Ashish Tamaskar

EQL student

The best thing about EQL classes is that you get individual attention.

Like any cat aspirant i thought of joining TIME classes but on a friend's recommendation i attended eql's demo class and was quite certain to join it.

The best part is the teaching method of Nayan Ajmera and his problem solving skills.

So yeah I would recommend Eql classes to any CAT aspiran.

Sreeni Director, Career Launcher

Shreeram Sharma

EQL student

I went to Nayan sir for prep action plan only but with the skills,concepts and passion with which he guided urged me to continue there after.And he has totally changed the perception of how to solve quants.

 Focusing on concepts rather than formulas has helped a lot in tackling new questions.The time which was taken to solve one RC has reduced significantly with his RC techniques.In short we can master each of the section with EQL classes.

Sreeni Director, Career Launcher

Prashant Mahajan

EQL student

A year back i was searching for a good MBA coaching institute in Pune. I attended demo lectures of famous institutions in pune. Though i did not find any institution at par in teaching . But then i got to know about EQL classes from a friend and i attended demo lecture of Nayan sir. Lecture was good and understandable that i dint think twice joining this class. I have never seen a person like him. He is a young talent having equal command over all three (English, Quant, Logic) subjects. His interactive sessions and limitless doubt solving gets us crisp understanding of the topics. If someday you miss out on some topic you can even reschedule it because of the digital set up. He was a constant support throughout the year, not only as a teacher but also as a friend. I am proud to be an EQLizer and grateful for having such a mentor. 

Sreeni Director, Career Launcher

Abhishek Witwekar

NIBM convert, NIA convert, SIIB convert

Nayan sir has always been like a Wikipedia for my MBA preparations.There is no match for the techniques that are taught by him.It takes care of both speed and accuracy. It was the first time when someone told me that just reading newspaper is not the way to prepare verbal section and you need to look at the language like an mathematical algorithm to master it.I was very fearful about my Verbal preparation.However, the tools and methods taught for speed reading and tackling any complicated passage were the most outstanding techniques I ever learnt in my academic preparation. The most unique part of EQL classes is the way Nayan sir adapts to any student's level of grasping and provides him with the actual aid for his/her weaknesses.And I think this is the most important aspect in any exam preparation because everyone is different in his or her cognitive level. Coming to GDPI, you not only learn how to drive your interviews but also you also learn to represent yourself in the most unique way by targeting the exact spots where you score the maximum bonus points. Nayan Sir and EQL classes have been the most important part of my journey in my MBA entrance preparations.It is a saying that "Efforts without directions are the efforts in vain." I thank Nayan sir and EQL classes for showing me the right direction.