EQL classes is the brainchild of Nayan Ajmera. He is the head mentor for English, quants and logic and also a seasoned GDPI and PDP trainer.

He is a young and a dynamic trainer who has been into training for 4 years now and has trained thousands of students. His students are spread across the globe. He shares super strong connections with his students which he believes is what drives him.In terms of training energy, he can outmatch anyone. He has plethora of experience and dynamically mixes it with his fresh style of delivery. He believes in blend of technology, content and presentation. He believes in giving 'all area expertise' to students

EQL was born when the entrepreneurial bug bit him after his stellar performances in aptitude exams of all genres, his diverse experience into international operations and business strategy and his roles deeply rooted into the ed-tech industry (academic head of many classes, content creator for many third parties, freelance trainer) . Most importantly , he thinks EQL exists because of his love for aptitude, strategy and meeting new people who are eager to put a dent in this world.

He is a loved trainer in Pune. He understands what students invest with him in terms of time and money is critically important to their future and he works his best to give them magnified returns (in terms of improvement and success). He finds a sense of satisfaction with his profession ( nothing beats the happy faces of students post their achievements,honest appreciations and 'remembrance')

When not training or among his laptops and gizmos, you can find him ogling white shirts, sunglasses and good food!

'You can't carry a weakness into the exam hall and
if you do,well! you haven't truly prepared'
- Nayan Ajmera

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